Saturday, April 16, 2011

Baseball Season...Morenci Tournament Champs!

Koby has been playing Varsity baseball since his Freshman year, this is the third year we have played in the Morenci Tournament. In years past, we have always played this tournament without really trying to win. We used it as a time to let some of the younger players have some practice. It was always discouraging to leave the tournament after having lost games and feeling dejected because we knew we could contend for the title but the coaches didn't really care about it. This year, we have a new coach. At the beginning of the season, I asked him if there was anyway we could try to win the Morenci tournament. I knew our boys were good enough to do it, but we needed the coaches to allow our best team to play each game. Well Coach Johnson allowed that to happen this year, and our boys are now the Champions of the Morenci Tournament. SO AWESOME!!!! I knew they could do it and we are so proud of them! They beat the #1 team in the state 15-3 and so everyone is feeling good and I hope this gives them confidence as we finish up the last two weeks of the regular season and then head off to the State Tournament. I love baseball season!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

A new little guy in the family..Blake Camron Howell

The newest addition to our family came on March 18, 2011 when Blake Camron Howell was born to my brother Camron and his wife, Lauren. Gracie and Audrey have now become big sisters to a little brother, otherwise known as "bro". It is always such an honor and a pleasure to hold a newborn in my arms. Babies make me so happy. I love this little family so much and am so grateful I was able to hang out with the big sisters for the night while mom and dad stayed at the hospital with Baby Blake. My only regret is that I do not live closer so that I can see this little guy and his big sisters more often. Someday.... I am so grateful to have such a wonderful family, and Blake is the newest addition. YAY!!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Basketball 2011

The Thatcher Eagles were Runner's up this year in the 2A state basketball tournament. This year was so wonderful and these boys gave us the ride of our lives. They went an astounding 28-3, with the three loses coming within a few points of winning. The state tournament in Prescott, gave us fans games that were overwhelmingly entertaining and was some of the best basketball we have ever seen. I am so proud of Koby and for his teammates and coaches. This year is one we will never forget.

This trophy wasn't quite what we had hoped for but we will definately take it. You will see one hand that is wrapped in tape. That is Koby. Four minutes into Championship game against Westwind Prep, Koby went up to block a player from making an easy layup and took a fall into the basket stand. The trainer on the sidelines told Koby his season was over and that his arm (forearm) was broken. As Koby sat on the end of the bench with ice on his arm, our hearts were broken. Not only was he out for the BIGGEST game of his life, but his upcoming baseball season was in jeorpardy. After a few minutes, he had movement in his hand and he asked the trainer if he could wrap it so he could try to play. The trainer did so, and within a few minutes Koby was back on the court trying to help his team play against one of the best 2A teams the state of Arizona has ever seen. Most of the boys on the opposing team will go to Division I schools on basketball scholarships. Koby's shot was off, but he was able to help with ball handling and adding that spark to the team that only Koby can do. At the end of the game, the score was not in our favor, but there was not a person in the building who wasn't impressed with our team and how our boys played this incredible team. As we went home that night, Koby had no regrets and was just hopeful that he would get good news the next mornning when he would have his arm x-rayed. Luckily, the news was good and so with that we are moving onto baseball. YAY!! Some awesome memories were made this season and it was fun having mom, Camron and Krista up in Prescott with us to cheer on Koby and the Eagles. :) Here are some awesome pictures from the year taken from a great guy, David Palmer, the best Seminary teacher the town of Thatcher has ever known.

Friday, February 18, 2011

New Wood Floors

It was definately time for our house to have a makeover. We decided to break the remodeling up into sections. The first section to be done was the Living Room and hallway. It started out with a major demolition day with Connie and Bobbie Lucero, my mom and Papa, helping me knock down a wall and pull up the carpet and baseboards. It was a very long day but we got it done. This gave me a day to put paint on the walls before the new floor went in.

My first hero is my brother, Camron. He and his family drove to Thatcher for the weekend to help me with the project. Camron spent the day with me painting the walls and making everything look great. That evening my other hero, my brother-in-law Brent and my sister Krista arrived to help with the installation of the floors the next day. Krista was especially sweet as it was her birthday and so she let me borrow her husband most of the day. Early Saturday morning, the process began...

I am just so grateful for my family and friends and all they do to help me. I definatley could not have done this project without them. It was great to have a wonderful weekend with them, even though Brent and Camron were very sore for a few days. We love the end product.

HAPPY "21" Mandi!!!

Mandi is finally "LEGAL"! One of the questions she asked me was, "What do kids do when they turn 21 and don't drink or gamble?" Well, the answer was, come to Thatcher and go to La Casita with your family. That might sound boring to some people but to Mandi it was just fine. Koby had basketball games that weekend and we were putting wood floors in our house. So, that was the excitment of the Birthday weekened. I can't believe Mandi is 21, wow time sure flies. We love her so much and are happy that she is such a special part of our family.

Monday, January 24, 2011

A New Angel in the family.... Breckin Rylee Howell 1-10-11

Mandi, Cassi and I had the opportunity to be in Tucson when Dusty and Adrienne brought their new little bundle of joy into the world. Breckin was beautiful from the moment she showed her little face. Words cannot describe what a feeling it is to be in the room when a new baby is delivered. Thanks to Adrienne and Dusty for allowing me to peek in on the special occassion. It was a beautiful day. Ryker, Hailee and Markee were excited to say hello to their baby sister, although Ryker was hoping there may have been some mistake and SHE was really a brother. Sorry Ryker!! You are going to be the best big brother to one more little sister. :) It was a great day. I love babies and I love my family!!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 Christmas Tournament Champs!!

The Thatcher Eagles pulled off an amazing win over the Safford Bulldogs to win the 2010 EAC Christmas Holiday Basketball Tournament on 12-29-10. It was a tight game with Safford in the lead most of the game. The Eagles were down by 6 at the half and came back to take the lead during the 3rd quarter. The fourth quarter was crazy....finally Thatcher was ahead by 1 with one minute left in the game. Koby was 6 for 6 from the free throw line during that last minute of play and Thatcher ended up winning the game by 6. WOW! It was intense but it's the kind of game everyone was hoping for. It's really too bad there had to be a loser because they all played their hearts out. But the EAGLES will gladly take the win and the trophy. It was a great night!

Here are some more pictures of Koby in thing that is really cool...Koby has grown up playing all sports with the kids on the Safford team and he has been able to stay good friends with them. They play hard against each other, but when it's all over...they are friends first. I think that is amazing and make me so happy and proud.